About us

Aligo capital fund - a team of experienced experts providing entrepreneurs with funds and advice in the early stages of realizing innovative projects in the fields of advanced technologies, medicine, chemistry, RES, environmental protection, biotechnology, etc.

Our contribution to the joined enterprise includes the knowledge of our managers and experts. They help us with everyday challenges such as preparing business plans and financial projections, establishing marketing and sales strategies, estimating market potential and advising on strategic management.

We are a part of the edoradca group - a tried and tested partner in business development and an expert in the field of grants.

Aligo capital fund works in close cooperation with founders seeking the capital, advice and support required to commercialise their project. Founders who, at the same time, are ready to fully engage themselves in the operational activity of the new partnership.

Our team

Michał Matujewicz

National Centre for Research and Development expert with several years of experience as a lawyer, project manager and member of the decision-making bodies of entities operating on the capital market - brokerage, investment banking departments, Corporate Finance and Venture Capital.

Żaneta Kurszewska

conducts preliminary analysis of the commercial potential of submitted projects. She uses acquired skills and experience in economic analysis, determination of capital needs and determining the profitability of projects

Anna Bieńczak Kuzia

specializes in business and corporate law, has many years of experience in corporate services, she is responsible for comprehensive legal service for capital investments and support portfolio companies in ongoing operations

How do we invest

The experience of edoradca group enables us to apply for the next rounds of funds, namely grants, loans and venture capital.

Our investments


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